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No Man’s Fort, Portsmouth

OMG! In over 30 years of the travel industry, I have never visited anything more quirky that this hotel! A small hotel, (ex-fort) with 5 star facilities, in the middle of the Solent.


The 20 minute transfer by boat from Gun Wharf Quay, meant that I had a sneaky few hours personal shopping in this retail amazing outlet located in the marina. Little did I know what lay ahead… a slightly choppy sea due to high winds, before disembarking onto a steel frame (ladies, I advise flat shoes!). Then into the hotel reception where the fun begins.

You’ll very much appreciate that this hotel is an old fort, built to house cannons. This means lots of iron and steel in evidence, originally needed to support the weight on the sea bed.

It’s a circular structure and this is reflected in the shape of many rooms, including lounge areas and bedrooms. Every bedroom is different, huge, fairly luxurious and quirky!

The lounge areas are fascinating; walk up the stairs to the Lighthouse for comfortable seating and stunning views over the Solent. However, I was blown away by the outer “garden” which housed hot tubs, pit fires, a hothouse with animal skins (very Viking-style), and again, amazing views. We had a BBQ by the lighthouse in the middle of the Solent – there will not be many people who can say that!


This venue is for someone who is looking for something very different – perhaps as a treat? You just know that dinner, afternoon tea and accommodation will ooze quality as soon as you enter reception. I can almost imagine it becoming a future celeb hangout, so it’s a good idea to pay a visit before the prices further inflate. The hotel has just enough to keep you entertained for a weekend retreat, but will also accommodate small groups with organised activities.

If you’ve never visited Portsmouth, make the most of your stay. There’s hundreds of things to do and see. I love it! Shopping, culture, history and entertainment, plus spectacular views.

No Man’s Fort is a MUST on your bucket list of places to stay!