Delicious Delights

Fine Dining

From panoramic views and overlooking rooftops, to creepy crypts or riverside residences, we offer you fine dining in Michelin-star or personally recommended restaurants. The diverse culture of our nation combined with our love of food delivers an extensive selection that caters for all tastes. Whether it’s our traditional roast dinner, aromatic Indian flavours that tease the taste buds, an Asian fusion of spice, Pinpoint Britain will guide you to a choice just perfect for you.


Britain has excelled in its wine production, falling in the top 10 of sparkling wine producers outside Champagne. We’ve therefore added vineyards and wine-tasting to our portfolio for the finishing touches
to your fine dining experience.

Gastro Pubs

Gastro pubs can be described as traditional pubs that have recruited top chefs to transform home cooking into a creation of quality. Visitors wanting a distinctive taste in an informal environment will appreciate the character of top gastro pubs. We have personal experience with hostelries that will not disappoint and are happy to share these with you, with private reservations and personal recommendations. Whether it’s The Sportsman, The Royal Oak, Hinds Head or hundreds more – there will be a gastro pub located nearby to your chosen location.


Village Favourites

The village pub is the envy of visitors to Britain eager to sample local ales, pretty village greens and simple fayres. Many pubs have been in existence for hundreds of years and are reflected by their quaint décor and architecture.
Let us take you back in time, source the best village pub for you, whether for small groups or individuals; trust the knowledge of Pinpoint Britain and we’ll do what we love doing most!

Local breweries have their own stories to tell, growing and using local hops, which harvest and produce hundreds of varieties of beers. Britain is in abundance of this popular trend – so if this is of interest then taste a tipple with us?

Afternoon Tea

UK is the home of this traditional pastime – afternoon tea. Traditionally served during the afternoon when after only two meals a day in 19th century, the Duchess of Bedford would partake in tea and snacks. This became routine with friends invited to join her – and so was the birth of afternoon tea! Delicate sandwiches, hot scones with fresh cream and preserves are a British favourite tradition. Pinpoint Britain has some wonderful experiences of afternoon tea in its itineraries – including the original initiation at Woburn Abbey, home to the Duke and Duchess of Bedford. Private tables in unique environment are available overlooking gardens, rivers and lakes – so we’ll tip you off with the best choices.